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  1. Compare binary files

    Diff is often used to compare two files line by line, but for binary files you must rely on other tools. My favourite tool for this task is dhex: I often use it to analyze data corruptions.

    Determine if two binary files are different

    You can compute the checksums of ...

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  2. Exploit segfault hints in dmesg

    You are writing a C program. Time has come to run it. You are pretty confident that it will run at once.

    $ ./foo
    Segmentation fault

    The machine hardly reminds you that you were over-confident. But before rushing to re-compile your program with debugging symbols or adding printf() calls here and ...

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  3. Upgrade the CPU microcode on Debian

    When looking at your system’s logs, maybe you have noticed the following advice in Linux’s dmesg output:

    perf_event_intel: PEBS disabled due to CPU errata, please upgrade microcode

    If you are running Debian, you just have to install two packages to fix the problem: intel-microcode and iucode-tool. With these ...

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  4. Install the Tizen SDK on Debian

    Updated July 2013: the Tizen project has released the Tizen SDK 2.2. When installing the SDK on a distribution other than Ubuntu, the installer does not complain that the distribution is unsupported. As a consequence, the changes described here are no longer necessary.

    Updated May 2013: the Tizen project ...

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