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  1. Notifications with file descriptors

    Linux is known for its “everything is a file” mantra inherited from Unix. This means that a wide range of system resources are represented by files. Consequently, in a program, these resources are managed as file descriptors with a common set of primitives such as read(), write() or close().

    Along ...

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  2. Upgrade the CPU microcode on Debian

    When looking at your system’s logs, maybe you have noticed the following advice in Linux’s dmesg output:

    perf_event_intel: PEBS disabled due to CPU errata, please upgrade microcode

    If you are running Debian, you just have to install two packages to fix the problem: intel-microcode and iucode-tool. With these ...

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  3. Install the Tizen SDK on Debian

    Updated July 2013: the Tizen project has released the Tizen SDK 2.2. When installing the SDK on a distribution other than Ubuntu, the installer does not complain that the distribution is unsupported. As a consequence, the changes described here are no longer necessary.

    Updated May 2013: the Tizen project ...

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